DallBogg strongly supports the changes in the Insurance Code and Bulgaria’s accession to the Eurozone

With regard to insinuations and undisguised lies of incompetent politicians spread in the media, including speculative editorial comments on the position of “DallBogg: Life and Health” AD on the debated changes to the Insurance Code, we categorically state:

DallBogg strongly supports the changes which bring national legislation in line with the Internal Rules of the Green Card System.

It has become clear and proven before the competent court in Berlin that the accusatory letter of the Council of Bureaux (Brussels) of 10 November 2017 addressed to the European Commission, the then Prime Minister and the then Minister of Finance, which continues to be “chewed over” with great distortion, is full of demonstrably false, fake and exaggerated news about DallBogg. The main purpose then, more than 5 years ago, as became undeniably clear, was to divert attention from the actions of losing competitors. The deputy chairman of the FSC and the chairman of the NBBMI were removed. We have taken legal action in competent foreign courts and will bring to justice in Bulgaria all commentators with malicious statements aimed at damaging and defaming our good name, whether made out of ignorance or with malice.

In all European markets and in Bulgaria, DallBogg is known as a reliable, extremely financially sound and very modern new insurer that has achieved rapid growth with attractive and quality insurance products and the great admiration of many national communities and the insurance industry in Europe.

Rossen Mladenov
Managing Director