Frequently asked questions

MTPL (Motor Third Party Liability)


I have concluded a Motor third party liability insurance and will travel abroad. What should I do?

Your insurance is valid in all EU countries, the European Economic Area (EEA) and the countries that have signed the Multilateral Agreement. For other countries it is necessary to issue a free Green Card certificate: Republic of Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Republic of Belarus; Republic of North Macedonia; the State of Israel; the Islamic Republic of Iran; Montenegro; the Kingdom of Morocco; the Russian Federation; the Republic of Moldova; the Republic of Tunisia; the Republic of Turkey; Ukraine; the Republic of Azerbaijan.


How can I check if my MTPL insurance is valid?

You can check the validity of your MTPL insurance policy here.


Is a valid MTPL insurance policy terminated when the vehicle is sold?

It is not terminated.


What should I do in case of an accident abroad?

1. Contact the Traffic Police in the respective country.

2. In case the police has not visited the scene of the accident, there is no dispute between the drivers regarding the accident and there is only material damage, you can draw up an Accident Report Form on the form of the guilty driver.

3. Gather all the necessary data regarding the accident (names of participants, witnesses, registration numbers of the vehicles participating in the accident, the insurance policy number of the other participant in the accident, etc.). In the case of language barriers, seek the services of an interpreter before signing any document.


In which cases an Accident Report Form should be filled in?

An accident report should be filled in in all cases where there are no injured persons, the participants agree on the mechanism and the car accident fault and there is no doubt that any of the drivers has used alcohol and/or drugs and/or does not have a valid license.


Do I need to register an Accident Report Form at the Traffic Police?

No. It is recommended to notify the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior – Traffic Police and follow any instructions given.


I have an MTPL insurance policy issued by DallBogg and have participated in a road accident in which I am the faulty party. How do I get compensation?

Your MTPL insurance covers your liability to third parties, thus you cannot receive compensation under this insurance.


I’ve missed to pay the next installment at the due date (as shown on the policy). What should I do?

Within a timeframe of not more that fifteen days from the specified installment date shown on the policy, you can still pay the due amount at any of DallBogg’s offices or through any intermediary that has a valid contract with DallBogg. In case no payment is made, the insurance policy will be terminated.


What is the deadline for the compensation payment?

The insurer has 15 working days after submission of all required documents to fulfill the payment.



What are the requirements to conclude a Casco insurance?

The car should be with Bulgarian registration and drivable. To cover the risk “theft” the vehicle should have an alarm system or immobilizer and a vehicle worth over BGN 15 000 should have a further installed immobilizer at the expense of the insurance company.


Is my CASCO valid abroad?

Yes, it is. Please find more here.


Can I pay my insurance in installments?

Yes, you can. You will receive a discount on the premium if you pay in one installment.


What is the timeframe in which I should inform DallBogg about vehicle theft?

The theft notification deadline is 24 hours after having become aware of it.


Am I entitled to a free roadside assistance?

Yes, you are entitled to use a free roadside assistance up to 150 kilometers or 250 BGN (for an event in Bulgaria), respectively 250 EUR (for an event abroad).



Is an inspection necessary to conclude a property insurance?

No inspection is necessary when concluding a property.


Can I insure property acquired after signing the insurance contract?

Yes, with the issuance of an Annex to the current policy.


What is the timeframe in which I should notify DallBogg when a damage occurs?

The deadline varies depending on the type of damage. The deadline is 24 hours after becoming aware of it. For other events it is three days from the occurrence of the insured event or becoming aware of it.


What should I do when an insured event occurs?

In case of insurance event, please call the 24/7 call center – 0700 16 406 – or visit one of DallBogg’s offices, where you will receive assistance from our staff.


Is there an inspection of the damaged property when an insured event occurs?

Yes, in all cases when an insured event occurs.


What is the deadline for the compensation payment?

The insurer has 15 working days after submission of all required documents to fulfill the payment.



I would like to conclude an “Assistance While Travelling Abroad” insurance. What documents are required?

You have to provide full names of the insured person written in latin letters, and a personal identity number.


In which countries is the “Assistance While Travelling Abroad” insurance valid?

The coverage is available in two distinct geographical areas:

  • Zone 1 – Europe
  • Zone 2 – The whole world
What should I do in case of an accident?

You should contact by phone the Assisting Company specified on the insurance policy, which, after confirming your coverage, will take over the organization and/or the payment of treatment, charges and/or repatriation of the insured person, under the terms of the insurance Policy.


What are the coverage insurance limits of “Assistance While Travelling Abroad”?

This insurance; together with the assisting company service, has a coverage of EUR 2 000 – 50 000.



I would like to sign a contract for Accident Insurance. What are the requirements?

Bulgarian citizens under the age of 70 as of the date of concluding the insurance could be insured.


For which countries is Accident Insurance valid?

The insurance is valid for events that have occurred on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


I have Athletes’ Accident insurance and I currently have an injury that occurred during training. I have to undergo examinations. Are they covered by my insurance?

Yes, your insurance covers injuries which occurred during competitions as well as during training.