Professional Liabilities

Professional Liability Insurance is intended for legal entities and individuals practicing a profession for which they have the necessary legal capacity, according to the Bulgarian legislation.

What are the limits of liability?
  • The liability of the insurer for one insurance event and in aggregate for all events that have occurred during the term of the insurance is limited to the limit specified in the insurance policy;
  • The liability of the insurer is up to the actual amount of the damage, but not more than the agreed limit of liability.


What types of Professional Liability insurances does DallBogg offer?
  • Professional Liability of lawyers;
  • Professional Liability of insurance brokers and insurance agents;
  • Professional Liability of the participants in the design and construction;
  • Professional Liability of investment intermediaries;
  • Professional Liability of medical staff;
  • Professional Liability of expert-accountants and financial auditors;
  • Professional Liability of notaries;
  • Professional Liability of assignees;
  • Professional Liability of private bailiffs.


Where is the insurance valid?

The coverage is valid only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


How and where can I get my DallBogg insurance from?

You can contact us at 0700 16 406 or take advantage of a personal consultation with our specialists. DallBogg also works with a number of contractual partners across the country.


What should I do in case of an accident?

Contact us at 0700 16 406 for more information or visit our office.