Home Property

Home Property Insurance is specially designed to provide insurance coverage for the property of individuals and legal entities, as well as residential, villas and farm buildings, their improvements, common furniture, personal and other belongings, household appliances, audio-visual and electronic equipment; business property: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, tools, inventory, etc.

Why should I get insured?
  • To compensate for possible loss:

If your home or property is damaged as a result of an incident, DallBogg will pay compensation to cover your costs of repairing and restoring the property in the form and condition it had at the date of the incident.

  • To avoid homelessness:

If, as a result of an incident, your home becomes uninhabitable, you will receive compensation in the amount of the damage at the time of the incident, which is usually equal to the real value of your property.


How and where can I get my DallBogg insurance from?

You can contact us at 0700 16 406 or take advantage of a personal consultation with our specialists. DallBogg also works with a number of contractual partners across the country.


Where is this insurance valid?

The Home Property Insurance is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as the insurance coverage is provided only for the property located at the address indicated in the policy.


What are the financial conditions?

The sum insured is the one for which a given property or group of properties is insured. The insurance premium is determined by the insurer’s tariffs and depends on the nature and size of the risks, the type of the insured property, the sum insured and the amount related to self-participation of the party requesting the insurance, if any. The insurance amount could be paid as a lump sum or deferred in installments.


What is the compensation?

The insurer indemnifies the insured for the actual damages caused up to the amount of the sum insured specified in the insurance contract. The amount of indemnities for all events of damages during the term of the contract cannot exceed the sum insured for the respective property. It is equal to the amount of damages as of the day of the incident.


How quickly does the compensation get paid?

The Insurer shall pay indemnities under such insurance within 15 days after compiling a complete set of documents comprising the damage file with all the necessary records, including the additional ones requested by the Insurer.