Fire And Natural Disasters

What is Fire and Natural Disaster Insurance?

Fire And Natural Disasters Insurance represents the protection of the property-related interests of individual or legal entities who carry out production and non-production activities:

  • Property of commercial companies, cooperatives and sole traders, servicing their activity in the field of trade, services and other activities;
  • Property of individuals exercising free professions or crafts, serving for the implementation of their labor activity;
  • Property of other entities used for administrative or other non – productive activities.


How and where can I get my DallBogg insurance from?

You can contact us at 0700 16 406 or take advantage of a personal consultation with our specialists. DallBogg also works with a number of contractual partners across the country.


What do we insure?

Property owned, leased, held for safekeeping or used on other grounds by the insured real estate and/or movable property, including:

  • Real estate – production and non-production /administrative/ buildings, offices, commercial sites, etc.
  • Movable property:
    • Machines, equipment, computers, office equipment;
    • Business inventory;
    • Expenses for acquisition of tangible fixed assets (FTA);
    • Other fixed assets and vehicles without state control number (Registration Number);
    • Inventories;
    • Artwork.


What are the term and territorial scope of the insurance?

The insurance is concluded for a maximum term of 1 year.
The coverage is valid on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, unless otherwise agreed.


What does the insurance cover?

The Insurer covers damages or losses, expenses and/or damages to property caused by the following risks, grouped by clauses, as follows:

  • Clause “Basic coverage” – fire, lightning strike, explosion, implosion, collision (fall) of aircraft and bodies, parts and objects falling from them.
  • Clause “Extended coverage” – under this clause is insured property which is covered under the clause “Basic coverage”, in combination with one or more of the following groups of risks:
    • “RP 1”: Natural disasters – storm, hurricane, hail, heavy rain, weight and drenching due to natural accumulation of ice and snow, flooding due to natural disasters, damage from falling trees and branches and other external objects due to natural disasters, landsliding of snow masses (avalanches);
    • “RP 2”: Drenching caused by bursting of plumbing, sewerage, heating, ventilation, sprinkler (fire extinguishing) and steam installations.

Expenses related to prevention or limitation of the destructive effect of an insurance event, for cleaning, putting in order and for arranging rescued insured property after an event of damage, mentioned under clauses “Basic coverage” and “Extended coverage” in the amount of 2% of the sum insured, but not more than BGN 20,000, unless otherwise agreed. These costs are agreed in advance with the Insurer.

  • Clause “Additional coverage” – under this clause property is insured against one or more of the following risks:
    • “DP 1”: Theft by burglary and/or use of technical tools;
    • “DP 2”: Vandalism, arson and malicious explosion;
    • “DP 3”: Robbery;
    • “DP 4”: Short circuit, overvoltage or electric shock;
    • “DP 5”: Damage to the insured property in the event of a collision with a vehicle or an animal that does not belong to or is not under the control of the Insured;
    • “DP 6”: Earthquake;
    • “DP 7”: Landslides and collapse of land;
    • “DP 8”: Damage by the action of sea waves;
    • “DP 9”: Loading and unloading equipment failures during loading and unloading activities.


What is the insurance sum?

The insurance sum and the manner of its determination are indicated by the Insured and the values present in the policy are the maximum liability of the Insurer for each individual property or group of properties and cannot exceed the actual or replacement value of the insured property.


What is the insurance premium?

The insurance premium is determined on the basis of tariff numbers in percentage of the insurance sum, according to the risk circumstances, the type of the property, the insurance coverage, the term of the insurance. After analyzing the circumstances, discounts are applied.

The payment of the insurance premium is made once or in installments by bank transfer.


How to get your compensation?

Upon occurrence of an incident, the Insured fills in a notification in order to establish the circumstances of occurrence of the event.

The compensations are paid within 15 days from the presentation of the last required document.

For more information, contact us at 0700 16 406 or visit one of our offices.