About us

DallBogg: Life and Health is part of the group of Commercial League – Global Pharmacy Center Ltd., Tchaikapharma The High-Quality Medicines and the Bulgarian Cardiac Institute – one of the biggest company structures in Bulgaria. Founded more than 30 years ago, thanks to its professionalism, perseverance and innovative ideas, the Group has merged into a vast holding structure – a leader on the Balkans.


Immediately and with fast pace after its creation back in 2008, DallBogg managed to rank to 5th place amidst 22 organizations offering voluntary health insurance services on the market. As clear by the official statistics provided by the Financial Supervision Commission, over the years the organization has its position stable on the market with a firmly expanding market share, increasing effectiveness and profuse portfolio.


In 2012 the company manages to successfully implement and execute a system for Quality Management powered by ISO 9001:2008.


In 2013 DallBogg was granted a license for providing insuring services related to the following products:


  • Insurance “Accident” (including production accidents and professional ailment);
  • Insurance “Ailment”;
  • Insurance “Land Vehicles (Casco)”;
  • Insurance “Freight During Transportation (including goods, packages, etc.)”;
  • Insurance “Fire and Natural Disasters”;
  • Insurance “Other property Claims”;
  • Insurance “Various Financial Losses”;
  • Insurance “Travel Assistance”.


In 2015 DallBogg: Life and Health becomes an Insurance Stock-company.


In the period 2015 – 2020 DallBogg continuously develops the products they offer to their intermediaries and direct customers. A new software, adapted to better optimized customer service was introduced.


In 2016, following the change in the Public Procurement Act, DallBogg was one of the pioneers to land the Insurance Product “Guarantees” on the Bulgarian Market.


As of 2020, the company is a leader in Bulgaria towards the Insurance Product “Guarantees” and ranking in Top 3 towards Insurance product “Motor Third Party liability”.