Tsvetomir Panagyursky: We advise all owners to protect their car with Casco

Our company employs professionals who help everyone choose the best insurance for their car.

DallBogg’s Head Insurance Partners in an interview with the specialized edition Trend 2020. See the full article here (available in Bulgarian).

DallBogg responded to the call from “The Bulgarian Christmas”

Prof. Ivan Mitev Specialized Hospital in Active Treatment of Children’s Diseases received a donation in the amount of 4000 leva. „The Bulgarian Christmas“ has been helping for the improved care of children with various serious diseases for 15 years. All these children suffer from specific difficulties and have special needs, which delay their improvement in health and development.

In reply to the call of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and just before Christmas, DallBogg: Life and Health made a donation today to the Prof. Ivan Mitev Hospital in Sofia.

Mr. Tihomir Kamenov met the Emir of Dubai

Mr. Tihomir Kamenov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DallBogg: Life and Health Inc., explains the development and tendencies in the Bulgarian insurance market to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Dubai.

Photo: 24.10.2018

Chairman Kamenov was a valued guest at the Annual French Insurance Federation Conference

Mr. Tihomir Kamenov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DallBogg: Life and Health Inc., was a special guest at the 10th International Insurance Conference held by the French Insurance Federation (FIF) on 26th October in Paris, France.

Over the years, this conference has become a major event for the insurance industry in Europe and internationally. Key representatives of the French, European and international insurance authorities, CEOs and top executives from major global groups, alongside leading experts, attended the event. Among the participants in the Gala and the Conference were:

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance of France

Giovanni Tria, Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

Julian King, Commissioner for the Security Union, European Commission

Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman, EIOPA

The main theme was“Pushing back the Limits of Insurability in a Changing Landscape”. The panel discussions were on digital/cyber climate and the insurance sector in a changing landscape.

Chairman Kamenov shared DallBogg’s vast experience and observations on these topics and discussed the future of the insurance market, which is currently going through serious changes caused by all of these. At the conference, a number of agreements were concluded between DallBogg and some of the largest insurance companies in the world for exchange of experience and know-how through mutual cooperation programs.

The 10th International Insurance Conference in Paris was extremely fruitful for DallBogg and it will contribute to the company’s constantly increasing success in Bulgaria and Europe.

DallBogg Insurance Company is certfied by ISO 9001:2015

We have the pleasure to announce that DallBogg Insurance Company is approved according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

Top quality independent Bulgarian and international auditors researched,analyzed and confirmed : DALLBOGG insurance company sets record for the Bulgarian capital adequacy ratio of 131%

Following several month in-depth study and analysis ,the audit of DallBogg Annual Financial Statement for 2017 has been presented. It has been impartially  established  that the insurance company holds the best capital adequacy on the market  for the past year. The coverage of solvency capital requirements is 131.03 % due to the high financial stability and discipline,excellent liquidity and customer care of the insurer.

The  independent expertise has discredited all kinds of misinformation and accusations  that were fabricated in the media as well as rumors about the financial stability and liquidity of the company. All those publications were deliberately distributed  and  aimed at disrupting the work of the insurer.

DallBogg will continue to develop and expand its insurance portfolio  as well to diversify its scope of activities both domestically and abroad.

“Clients always come first” policy of the company offers flexible solutions by producing excellent high quality services.

The company will continue its daily efforts to battle insurance fraud at high risk control and above all to maintain the trust of  its loyal customers and to meet any unfulfilled requirements of its Bulgarian and international partners.

AN EASTER GIFT FOR YOUR HOME Home Contents Insurance by DallBogg: Life and Health Inc.

DallBogg: Life and Health Inc. offers property insurance at a promotional price valid from 1st March 2018 to 30th May 2018.
The “Home Contents Insurance” provides insurance cover for moveable and immovable property of individuals.
It effects on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is valid for property located at the address indicated in the policy.

The discount amounts to 40% of the price of the standard insurance.

The procedure of contacting a Home Contents Insurance is facilitated as much as possible:

  • A home inspection is not carried out;
  • We remind you to include in your policy and especially the current cover “Burglary and / or the use of technical means” to make you completely comfortable for your home on the upcoming Easter trips. Only in the period of promotion at the risk of “Burglary and / or using a technical means” of up to BGN 7,000 / in the promotional period / they do not have to be described.
  • No need of ownership documents (Notarial Deed) to be presented;
  • You can insure not only your own home but also your parents’ or relatives’ one. The home’s owner does not have obligatorily to attend – you can conclude the insurance on their behalf.
  • Insurance sums are made on a real value basis, thus instead of the insured property, another of the same type, quality and condition can be purchased at the date of the insurance;
  • The minimum premium on this insurance is 20 leva.
  • Self-participation in “earthquake” risk does not apply.

Risks covered:
“Basic coverage” – against fire, thunder, lightning, explosion,
implosion, collision (fall) of aircraft, flying bodies, parts and objects falling from them.
“Extended coverage 1″: Natural disasters – storm, hurricane, hail, torrential rain, severity and soaking due to natural accumulation of ice and snow, frost, flood due to natural disasters, damage from falling trees, branches and other external objects due to natural disasters sliding snow masses (avalanche);
“Extended coverage 2″: Wetting because of bursting of plumbing, sewage, heating, ventilation, sprinkler (fire) steam systems or of a forgotten open valve.
“Extra coverage 1″: Burglary and/or use of technical devices;
“Extra coverage 2″: Vandalism, arson and malicious explosion;
“Extra coverage 3″: Robbery;
“Extra coverage 4″: Short circuit, overvoltage or electric shock;
“Extra coverage 5″: Damage to insured property in blow from a vehicle or an animal, which do not belong or are out of the control of the Insured;
“Extra coverage 6″: Earthquake;
“Extended coverage 1″: Breaking windows and showcases;
“Extended coverage 4″: Civil liability to third parties;

Note: To the Basic coverage you can also add only certain risks of extra and extended coverage!


Happy Easter!

DallBogg wishes you a warm and happy Easter!

The head office of DallBogg will be closed from 14 to 17 April 2017.

Over the holyday our duty teams will be available by phone on 0700 16 406.

When you insure the agricultural produce in DallBogg you can get a refund of up to 65% of the insurance premium


The State Fund Agriculture co-finances with BGN 1.5 million the insurance of agricultural produce

The budget for 2017 under the Scheme for state aid for co-financing of insurance premiums for agricultural produce insurance is BGN 1.5 million. This was decided at the meeting of the Managing Board of the State Fund Agriculture (SFA).

The purpose of the aid is to encourage farmers, small and medium businesses growing fruit, vegetables, essential oil crops and tobacco to use voluntary insurance of agricultural produce against natural disasters, and other unfortunate climate events. The farmers can apply to the SFA with Agricultural Crop Insurance policies issued by DallBogg: Life and Health. The aid is provided in the form of payment of insurance premiums.

For the implementation of the scheme the Fund has prepared guidelines, including the requirements of the aid scheme notified and approved by the EC. The maximum amount of aid a farmer can get is up to 65% of the insurance premium.

Applications for participation in the scheme will be received from the 20th of March this year until resource depletion, but not later than the 31st of August this year. The farmers have to submit their policies to the  Regional offices for Implementation of support schemes and measures of the Fund until the 29th of September. The deadline for signing contracts and disbursement of funds is the 15th of December 15, 2017.

More information on the insurance can be found here.

DallBogg wishes you Happy Holidays!

As Christmas and New Year’s Eves are drawing nearer, our thoughts turn gratefully to all of you – our clients and partners – who have considerably contributed in making the past year a wonderful time of continuous growth for DallBogg.

Our commitment for 2017 remains the same: Quality insurance with innovation. 

In a spirit of genuine satisfaction, gratitude and shared successes DallBogg’s team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!