‘DallBogg: Life and Health’ lends a hand to flood victims

Solidarity in Action: we are on the ground !

Climate change and unexpected disasters are becoming part of the major story of the decade. Today, insurance companies are already facing new, greater challenges than ever before. Floods are happening more frequently and are much more destructive – people, lives and property in entire areas. Therefore, and with a high national responsibility, the insurer ‘DallBogg: Life and Health’ has decided to make a big charity campaign and take over the diagnosis and treatment of flood victims in the South Coast.

In order to provide quality diagnosis and treatment to the victims, DallBogg has established partnerships with medical organisations and hospitals in the affected areas. This will allow all victims to receive fast, free and effective medical assistance after contacting and registering at the newly established coordination headquarters at the mayor’s offices. DallBogg is thus alleviating suffering and communities are developing and becoming more resilient in the face of disasters.

Alongside this important charitable initiative, DallBogg is launching an awareness campaign aimed at rapidly elevating the insurance culture of the population, which will include educating people on how to prepare for and respond to disasters. Naturally, the state cannot, does not, and should not always be the first line of defense for everything!

The insurance company’s noble decision to take over the diagnosis and treatment of flood victims is only the first step towards a significant change in the established nihilistic attitude towards civilized insurance solutions. The decision combines innovation and social responsibility.

The article is available here in Bulgarian.