After the great flood in the municipality of Karlovo, it is important to pay attention to “Property” insurance

Interview of Tsvetomir Panagiurski – Director of “Marketing and Sales” at insurance company “DallBogg: Life and Health”

Mr. Tsvetomir Panagiurski, how would you comment on the situation with people’s homes in Karlovo municipality?

It is a very difficult situation, a large number of people have nowhere to live or live with relatives and friends, because their homes have been very seriously damaged. According to preliminary data, the damages are estimated at nearly BGN 60 million. More than 340 houses were damaged, and about 60 houses are uninhabitable. People build a home all their lives, and a natural disaster like this destroys everything built with a lot of work and hardship.

How can these people be helped?

Unfortunately, the victims are hoping for help from friends, acquaintances, help from the state, and this should not be the case. In previous interviews, I have more than once given advice to people to cĸlude home property, fire and natural disasters, home security to have peace of mind about their homes, especially during the rainy months.

What percentage of people take out insurance on their home?

That’s a nice question. For every person, the biggest priority is their health and their home, but only 6-7% of individuals’ properties are insured, which is an extremely low percentage. I know that many people’s financial capacity is low, but do we need to suffer and regret not getting insurance? Property insurance rates vary according to the coverages chosen by the customer. There are also cheap options from 20-30 BGN, and if you choose more coverages, on a home with a market valuation of around 200 000 BGN the cost of insurance can be between 200 – 300 BGN.

Why is it so, what is the reason?

The reason for the low interest in home insurance is that when a disaster like this happens in the municipality of Karlovo, people say to themselves “This will not happen to me”. But they need to know that insuring their own home is the only way after such an event that they will have peace of mind that their homes will be protected afterwards and they will have somewhere to live.

Don’t you think the reason is that people are not well informed about this kind of insurance?

At DallBogg: Life & Health, we are committed to informing our customers what is good for them and that is why over the years, their satisfaction has increased. We have trained teams that will answer any questions, will not tire of discussing specific options, and offer appropriate solutions.

To finish, what advice would you give to people?

I urge people to look at the statistics of increasing natural disasters – fires, floods, storms. This will clarify the picture of the risk they would avoid by taking out insurance for their home with us, and then, everything else is our concern.