When you insure the agricultural produce in DallBogg you can get a refund of up to 65% of the insurance premium


The State Fund Agriculture co-finances with BGN 1.5 million the insurance of agricultural produce

The budget for 2017 under the Scheme for state aid for co-financing of insurance premiums for agricultural produce insurance is BGN 1.5 million. This was decided at the meeting of the Managing Board of the State Fund Agriculture (SFA).

The purpose of the aid is to encourage farmers, small and medium businesses growing fruit, vegetables, essential oil crops and tobacco to use voluntary insurance of agricultural produce against natural disasters, and other unfortunate climate events. The farmers can apply to the SFA with Agricultural Crop Insurance policies issued by DallBogg: Life and Health. The aid is provided in the form of payment of insurance premiums.

For the implementation of the scheme the Fund has prepared guidelines, including the requirements of the aid scheme notified and approved by the EC. The maximum amount of aid a farmer can get is up to 65% of the insurance premium.

Applications for participation in the scheme will be received from the 20th of March this year until resource depletion, but not later than the 31st of August this year. The farmers have to submit their policies to the Regional offices for Implementation of support schemes and measures of the Fund until the 29th of September. The deadline for signing contracts and disbursement of funds is the 15th of December 15, 2017.

More information on the insurance can be found here.