Top quality independent Bulgarian and international auditors researched,analyzed and confirmed : DALLBOGG insurance company sets record for the Bulgarian capital adequacy ratio of 131%

Following several month in-depth study and analysis ,the audit of DallBogg Annual Financial Statement for 2017 has been presented. It has been impartially  established  that the insurance company holds the best capital adequacy on the market  for the past year. The coverage of solvency capital requirements is 131.03 % due to the high financial stability and discipline,excellent liquidity and customer care of the insurer.

The  independent expertise has discredited all kinds of misinformation and accusations  that were fabricated in the media as well as rumors about the financial stability and liquidity of the company. All those publications were deliberately distributed  and  aimed at disrupting the work of the insurer.

DallBogg will continue to develop and expand its insurance portfolio  as well to diversify its scope of activities both domestically and abroad.

“Clients always come first” policy of the company offers flexible solutions by producing excellent high quality services.

The company will continue its daily efforts to battle insurance fraud at high risk control and above all to maintain the trust of  its loyal customers and to meet any unfulfilled requirements of its Bulgarian and international partners.