Motor Third Party Liability

Motor Third Party Liability Insurance is compulsory for each person who owns a motor vehicle, registered on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria and which is not decommissioned. It is used to safeguard the interests of victims of road accidents.

Any natural or legal person can conclude MTPL DallBogg in order to save on costs for the damage caused by him to a third party.

The coverage under this insurance is based on “responsibility for event” occurring during the term of the policy.

Insurance protection applies to the legal entity, owner of the motor vehicle, as well as to his employees, as far as they have used the insured office vehicle in line with their duty.

Why should I buy an Insurance?

Upon completion of Motor Third Party Liability Insurance in DallBogg you receive:

  • Individual treatment
  • Fair and professional service
  • Possibility to pay the insurance premium in deferred payment
  • Possibility to receive notification for upcoming payment
  • To estimate yourself how much would your insurance cost

Where is this insurance valid?

The insurance is valid on the territory of all the Member States of the European Union (EU), all countries of the European Economic Area (EEA), Andorra, Serbia and Switzerland. The Green Card Certificate covers the liability of the driver of the motor vehicle for all other countries of the international agreement Green Card, which were not:

  1.  EU members;
  2. from EEA;
  3. Serbia, Switzerland, Andorra.

What are the financial terms?

The insurance premium is determined by DallBogg, according to its current tariffs. It can be paid in single or differed payments. The liability of the Insuring person under MTPL Insurance is within the limits, stated in the insurance contract.

This compulsory MTPL insurance shall be concluded for the following minimum insurance amounts:

  1. Non-material and material damages as a result of bodily damage or death:
    • BGN 2 000 000 for each event for one injured person;
    • BGN 10 000 000 for each event for two or more injured persons;
  2. For material damage (belongings) BGN 2 000 000 for each event.

What is the indemnity?

Indemnity under MTPL Insurance may not exceed the insurance amount under the contract. In partial damage or complete destruction of property, the compensation can not exceed its actual value. The actual value of the damaged property shall be determined by an expert panel of the Insuring person and can not be greater than its market value at the date of the event.

What to do in case of road accident?

You can receive full information for all events on the website of the National Bureau of Bulgarian Motor Insurers