Chairman Kamenov was a valued guest at the Annual French Insurance Federation Conference

Mr. Tihomir Kamenov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of DallBogg: Life and Health Inc., was a special guest at the 10th International Insurance Conference held by the French Insurance Federation (FIF) on 26th October in Paris, France.

Over the years, this conference has become a major event for the insurance industry in Europe and internationally. Key representatives of the French, European and international insurance authorities, CEOs and top executives from major global groups, alongside leading experts, attended the event. Among the participants in the Gala and the Conference were:

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance of France

Giovanni Tria, Minister of Economy and Finance of Italy

Julian King, Commissioner for the Security Union, European Commission

Gabriel Bernardino, Chairman, EIOPA

The main theme was“Pushing back the Limits of Insurability in a Changing Landscape”. The panel discussions were on digital/cyber climate and the insurance sector in a changing landscape.

Chairman Kamenov shared DallBogg’s vast experience and observations on these topics and discussed the future of the insurance market, which is currently going through serious changes caused by all of these. At the conference, a number of agreements were concluded between DallBogg and some of the largest insurance companies in the world for exchange of experience and know-how through mutual cooperation programs.

The 10th International Insurance Conference in Paris was extremely fruitful for DallBogg and it will contribute to the company’s constantly increasing success in Bulgaria and Europe.