AN EASTER GIFT FOR YOUR HOME Home Contents Insurance by DallBogg: Life and Health Inc.

DallBogg: Life and Health Inc. offers property insurance at a promotional price valid from 1st March 2018 to 30th May 2018.
The “Home Contents Insurance” provides insurance cover for moveable and immovable property of individuals.
It effects on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is valid for property located at the address indicated in the policy.

The discount amounts to 40% of the price of the standard insurance.

The procedure of contacting a Home Contents Insurance is facilitated as much as possible:

  • A home inspection is not carried out;
  • We remind you to include in your policy and especially the current cover “Burglary and / or the use of technical means” to make you completely comfortable for your home on the upcoming Easter trips. Only in the period of promotion at the risk of “Burglary and / or using a technical means” of up to BGN 7,000 / in the promotional period / they do not have to be described.
  • No need of ownership documents (Notarial Deed) to be presented;
  • You can insure not only your own home but also your parents’ or relatives’ one. The home’s owner does not have obligatorily to attend – you can conclude the insurance on their behalf.
  • Insurance sums are made on a real value basis, thus instead of the insured property, another of the same type, quality and condition can be purchased at the date of the insurance;
  • The minimum premium on this insurance is 20 leva.
  • Self-participation in “earthquake” risk does not apply.

Risks covered:
“Basic coverage” – against fire, thunder, lightning, explosion,
implosion, collision (fall) of aircraft, flying bodies, parts and objects falling from them.
“Extended coverage 1″: Natural disasters – storm, hurricane, hail, torrential rain, severity and soaking due to natural accumulation of ice and snow, frost, flood due to natural disasters, damage from falling trees, branches and other external objects due to natural disasters sliding snow masses (avalanche);
“Extended coverage 2″: Wetting because of bursting of plumbing, sewage, heating, ventilation, sprinkler (fire) steam systems or of a forgotten open valve.
“Extra coverage 1″: Burglary and/or use of technical devices;
“Extra coverage 2″: Vandalism, arson and malicious explosion;
“Extra coverage 3″: Robbery;
“Extra coverage 4″: Short circuit, overvoltage or electric shock;
“Extra coverage 5″: Damage to insured property in blow from a vehicle or an animal, which do not belong or are out of the control of the Insured;
“Extra coverage 6″: Earthquake;
“Extended coverage 1″: Breaking windows and showcases;
“Extended coverage 4″: Civil liability to third parties;

Note: To the Basic coverage you can also add only certain risks of extra and extended coverage!