The main goal of Cargo Insurance, offered by DallBogg is for the owner of the goods to be financially compensated for loss or damage to the goods during transportation.

The subject of the insurance are all goods subject to import, export or re-export, irrespective of the mode of transport /land, maritime, air, rail or combined/.

The subject of the insurance are all natural or legal persons who carry out commercial, shipping or other activities related to cargo operations at home and abroad.

Substantial part of the business is based on the cargo transport – from usual postal delivery to transcontinental transportation.

By insuring your cargo you also insure your business – whether it’s delivery or transportation. You cannot ensure the complete safety during transportation, this is why Insurance Company DallBogg: Life and Health offers you this product.

Where is this insurance valid?

Cargo Insurance is valid in Bulgaria as well as from Bulgaria to every country in the world and back.

What are the financial conditions?

The insurance amount is the actual / market / value of the insured cargo valild at place and time of its loading. The insurance value can be increased with the cost of insurance, the amount of freight and expected profit.

The insurance premium is calculated based on the insurance amount, as the tariff number is a percentage of the insurance amount for each specific load. The due insurance premium is paid once or in deferred payments, chosen by the Insured person.

What is the indemnity?

The insurance indemnity is equal to the actual amount of damage, injury or loss caused by a covered insurance event. The Insuring person shall indemnify the Insured person up to the amount of the damage from the occurred insurance event, but no more than the insured amount.

How fast is the indemnity paid?

The deadline for payment of the insurance indemnity is 15 work days and begins after the Insured person has submitted all documents necessary to establish the basis and amount of the claim.

What kind of documents do I need to provide in order to receive indemnity?

Upon the occurrence of an insurance event, the Insured person is obliged to immediately register it before the competent authorities on the day of its occurrence or his knowledge of it. The Insured person is obliged to notify the Insuring person in writing by filling out a notice of damage after model in which to put all circumstances of the event known to him and the extent of damage. The deadlines for notification of the Insuring person for different events are detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Cargo Insurance.

To file a claim for payment of insurance indemnity, the Insured person must provide supporting documents, proving the type and amount of the incurred costs, detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Cargo Insurance.