The voluntary Casco Insurance provides insurance coverage for your vehicle against various risks such as fire, natural calamities, theft of the vehicle or installed therein equipment, failure due to collision with another vehicle or object on the road and more. Our clients have the opportunity to choose one of six clauses, offering different insurance coverage.

Why should I buy this insurance?

  •  To not feel worried when your vehicle is damages. The reasons for this may be many, but the result is always the same – repair. And if you do care how much the repair would cost – our advise is to insure your vehicle in our company.
  • To have complete peace of mind for your vehicle whether you are driving or you are at home. We provide optimum protection for your vehicle against a package of standard risks. Discover the pleasure of travel, we will take care of your car.
  • This insurance covers motor vehicle damages, whether they were caused by you or not. If you become involved in a traffic accident, your vehicle is subject to interference by third parties or you yourself has caused the damage – we’ll take care of the future costs of service and other services and will return it even more perfect.

Where is this insurance valid?

Casco Insurance is valid on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, and with the additional Clause 3, included in the General Terms and Conditions – also on the territory of EU Member States. The coverage includes full or partial damage to a motor vehicle and / or the additional equipment due to occurred insurance events under the clause.

What are the financial terms?

The insurance amount is the amount for which a given motor vehicle is insured. It is the upper limit of liability of the Insuring person and cannot exceed its insurance value – the actual value of the vehicle at the time of conclusion of the insurance. When concluding the insurance, the Insured person pays an insurance premium, determined by the Insuring person’s tariff in effect as of the date of the insurance conclusion. The due insurance premium is paid once or in equal deferred payments, chosen by the Insured person.

What is the indemnity?

The Insuring person shall indemnify the Insured person within the amount of the damage from the occurred insurance event. All paid insurance indemnities during the term of the insurance contract may not exceed the initially agreed insurance amount.

How quickly is the indemnity paid?

The insurance indemnity payment deadline is 15 work days and begins after the Insured person has submitted all documents necessary to establish the basis and amount of the claim. In the event that, despite the express instructions of the Insuring person the Insured person fails to submit the requested documents, the Insuring person may refuse to pay insurance indemnity.

What documents do I need to provide in order to receive indemnity?

Upon the occurrence of an insurance event, the Insured person is obliged to immediately register it before the competent authorities on the day of its occurrence or his knowledge of it. The Insured person is obliged to notify the Insuring person in writing by filling out a model notice of damage, where he describes all circumstances of the event known to him and the extent of damage. The deadlines for notifying the Insuring person for different events are detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Casco Insurance.

In order to file a claim for payment of insurance indemnity, the Insured person must provide supporting documents, proving the type and amount of the incurred costs, detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Casco Insurance.