MTPL (Motor Third Party Liability)

What are the sanctions in case I do not have MTPL insurance?

Not only the vehicle owner is sanctioned for the lack of motor third party liability insurance, but also the driver of such a vehicle. The fine is as follows:

  • for individual /natural person/ vehicle owners – BGN 250;
  • for legal entities and sole entrepreneurs – proprietary sanction of BGN 2000;
  • for the driver of a vehicle without MTPL insurance other than the owner –  BGN 400.
What do I need to do in case of loss of the windscreen sticker and/ or the badge for a valid MTPL insurance?

– What do I need to do in case of loss of the windscreen sticker and/ or the badge for a valid MTPL insurance?
You need to present the MTPL insurance policy in the nearest Agency of DallBogg. Upon issuance of a new sticker / badge for MTPL insurance you will have to pay BGN 1.40

I have a valid MTPL insurance and will travel abroad. What should I do?

No additional documents are required for a travel to EU countries. You only need to bring your insurance policy with you. For a travel outside the EU you should carry your “Green Card” certificate, which is issued free of charge together with the MTPL insurance certificate.

How do I find whether I have a valid MTPL insurance?
  1. Visit the Guarantee Fund website – http://guaranteefund.org/en/
  2. Once there, go to “Information Center” and choose “MTPL Insurance verification” from the drop down menu
  3. In the first box, enter the registration number of the vehicle you are interested in
  4. In the bottom box, type the set of control symbols
  5. Confirm by clicking the “GO” button
Is a valid MTPL insurance terminated when the vehicle is sold?

According to the Insurance Code the MTPL insurance is not terminated due to change of ownership.  The previous and current owners are obliged to notify the insurer within 7 days of the change. The law allows the new owner to terminate the contract at will.

What to do in case of a road accident abroad?
  1. Contact the Traffic Police in the respective country.
  2. In case the police has not visited the scene of the accident, you have no argument with the other driver on the blame for the accident and the damage is only material, you can draw up an Accident Report Form on the form of the guilty driver.
  3. Gather all the necessary data regarding the accident (names of participants, witnesses, registration numbers of the vehicles participating in the accident, the insurance policy number of the other participant in the accident, etc.). In case of language barriers, seek the services of an interpreter before signing any document.
    If you are the guilty driver you should notify DallBogg or its correspondent abroad.
    If you are a victim, contact the National Motor Insurers Bureau of the country in which the accident has taken place or the insurance company of the guilty driver.
    The address and phone number of each “Green Card” National Motor Insurers Bureau are inscribed on the back of your “Green Card” certificate.
In which cases an Accident Report Form should be filled in?

an Accident Report Form should be filled in when the following conditions are present:

  • There are no victims
  • Only two vehicles are involved in the accident
  • There is no other property damaged beside the two vehicles involved in the accident
  • The participants have reached an agreement on the traffic accident circumstances and the faulty party /who to blame for the accident/
  • Both vehicles involved are able to move under its own power after the accident
  • Both drivers have not used alcohol or illegal drugs
    In any other case an official report for the traffic accident by the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior – Traffic Police is required.
Do I need to register an Accident Report Form at the Traffic Police?

Yes. In case of an accident when an Accident Report Form is filled in  you are obliged to report to the competent authorities of the Ministry of Interior – Traffic Police.

I have a MTPL insurance policy issued by DallBogg and have participated in a road accident in which I am the faulty party. How do I get compensation?

Your MTPL insurance covers your liability to third parties and you cannot receive compensation under this insurance. In this case, you can receive compensation only if you have an own damage /“Casco”/ insurance policy.

I’ve missed to pay the next installment to date, which is recorded in the policy. What am I supposed to do?

If it is less than fifteen days from the specified installment date recorded in the policy you can still pay the relevant amount at any office of DallBogg or at any insurance intermediary that has a valid contract with DallBogg. If it is more than fifteen days, the policy is terminated; there is no possibility for same policy renewal and you are supposed to buy a new MTPL insurance policy.


What are the requirements for motor vehicle CASCO insurance?

The car should be with Bulgarian registration and drivable. To cover the risk “theft” the vehicle should have an alarm system or immobilizer and a vehicle worth over BGN 15 000 should have a further installed immobilizer at the expense of the insurance company.

Is my CASCO valid abroad?

CASCO comes with different coverage. “Clause 3” provides full coverage in the EU countries and “Clause 6” provides full coverage only in the territory of Bulgaria. If you have selected a clause with full coverage for Bulgaria, you can expand the coverage with an annex.

Where is the vehicle inspected on insurance?

The inspection of the vehicle on conclusion of insurance is carried out by the Agency that concludes the insurance and in Sofia – at the headquarters at: Sofia, bul. 1 G.M. Dimitrov Blvd. For your convenience the inspection can be carried out by our experts at an address specified by you and this will not affect the cost of the insurance.

Where is the vehicle inspected in case of damage claim?

The inspection of damages is carried out by an expert from an Agency of the Company or in the central office at: Sofia, 1 G.M. Dimitrov Blvd. If the vehicle is not drivable, our experts carry the inspection at an address specified by you.

Is the CASCO insurance valid without prior inspection of the vehicle?

The agreed coverage takes effect after inspection and photographing the vehicle by an expert of the insurer. For this purpose an Inspection Record is drawn. Prior to inspection there is no insurance coverage.

What is the work time for inspection?

From 8:30 to 17:30.

How is the premium of Casco insurance determined?

In order to determine the cost of CASCO insurance, first the actual value of the vehicle should be determined based on the following data: type, make, model, modification, fuel type, number of doors, number of seats, displacement and engine power, year of production and equipment, and for freight vehicles – the load. For newly purchased vehicles the actual value invoiced by the official importer for the country is accepted.
After determining the actual value of the vehicle, the Casco insurance premium is calculated as a percentage of the actual value of the vehicle depending on the selected level of coverage. To the fixed base premium different discounts are added/subtracted and the final Casco insurance premium is reached.

Can I pay my insurance in installments?

Yes you can. Casco insurance is available with payment of the premium of your choice – in a single installment or deferred in two or four installments. There is no increase of the cost in deferred payment. You will receive a discount on the premium if you pay in one installment.

What is the time limit in which the insurer should be informed of vehicle theft?

The deadline for notification of theft is 24 hours of becoming aware.

When can I begin to repair my vehicle?

The repair of the vehicle may begin immediately after all necessary inspections are carried out by a representative of the insurer and an expert.

Am I entitled to a free roadside assistance?

Upon the occurrence of covered under the terms of the insurance event due to which the vehicle can not be driven on its own, you can use a free roadside assistance up to 50 kilometers.


What can I insure?

You can insure the movable and immovable property of companies, organizations and individuals against a large number of natural risks and liability for damage caused by others and expenses to limit or reduce the amount of damage.

What am I insured against?

This insurance covers damage due to: fire, natural disasters (storm, hail, flood, and torrential rain), earthquake, water accidents, theft, robbery, vandalism, malicious actions, short circuit, landslide, breaking the windows, third parties’ civil liability, the cleaning cost after an insured event, etc.

How is the insurance amount determined?

The insurance amount (premium) is determined by the Insuring person and depends on the type and nature of the property, the sum insured, the risk circumstances, the chosen coverage and the insurance period.

How is the insurance sum of the property subject to insurance determined?

The sum insured is usually determined by the insurance applicant and depends on the value of the property. The Insuring person is responsible up to its amount in case of damage with the exception of overinsurance. The amounts may be updated during the time of the policy operation.

Is an inspection necessary in Property Insurance?

In the insurance of domestic property no inspection is necessary.

Can I insure property acquired after signing the insurance contract?

Yes, with the issue of an Annex to the current policy.

What is insurance against the “first risk”?

A form of insurance where the sum insured is less than the actual value of the insured property. The Insuring person compensates the full extent of the damage up to the sum insured, without applying the principle of underinsurance.

What is the deadline to notify the Insuring person when an insured event occurs?

The deadline varies depending on the type of damage. The theft and robbery deadline is 24 hours after becoming aware of it. For other events it is three days from the occurrence of the insured event or becoming aware of it.

What should I do when an insured event occurs?

You need to take all necessary and appropriate measures to reduce and/or limit the damage, save and preserve the insured property. You have to notify the relevant state authorities and the Insuring person immediately as determined in the General Terms and Conditions deadlines for the insurance occurrence.

Is there an inspection of the damaged property when an insured event occurs?

Yes, by representatives of the Insured person, the insuring person and an independent expert.

Can a relative / acquaintance of mine lay a claim or take out coverage on my behalf?

Yes, insurance can be taken out by a relative or an acquaintance of yours, but the insurance compensation in case of an insured event covered by the policy risk will be paid to the owner of the insured property.


I would like to conclude Travel Assistance Insurance? What are the documents required?

The data required is full names of the Insured person written with latin letters, and a citizen’s personal number.

In which countries is the Travel Assistance insurance valid?

The coverage is available in two distinct geographical areas:

  • Zone 1 – Europe
  • Zone 2 – The whole world
What should I do in case of an accident?

You should contact the Assisting Company on the phone number specified in the Insurance Policy, which after confirming the coverage will take over the organization and/or the payment of treatment, charges and/ or repatriation of the Insured person, under the terms of the Insurance Policy

What are the coverage limits upon Travel Assistance Insurance?

Travel Assistance Insurance is offered upon EUR 2 000- 50 000.

Which is the Assisting Company for Travel Assistance Insurance?

The company obtained for Travel Assistance Insurance is the international assisting company Eurocross assistance.


What determines the price of my Cargo insurance?

The value of the Cargo Insurance is a percentage of the sum insured for each specific load. It is determined by the desired risk coverage, type of load, packaging, destination and type of vehicle.

What kind of documents do I need to provide in order to take out Cargo Insurance?
  • Filled insurance application
  • Copy of a commercial invoice
  • Copy of way bill / bill of lading
  • Copy of the letter of credit (LC) in case of credit payments and a requirement for insurance policy under specific conditions
Do you offer subscription policies for Cargo?

Yes, we do.

What kind of information do I need to provide in order to receive a Cargo Insurance quotation?

It is necessary to provide information about: desired risk coverage, type of load, type of packaging, destination, type of vehicle, overloads (if applicable).

Who is inspecting the damaged property when insurance events occur?

If an event occurs in Bulgaria – the inspection is made by an Insurer’s expert committee.
If an event occurs outside the Bulgarian territory – the inspection is made by an emergency commissioner mentioned on the insurance policy.


I want to conclude a contract for the insurance Accident. What are the requirements?

Only Bulgarian citizens at an age under 70 at the date of conclusion of the insurance contract can be insured. They shall be in good health condition.

What is the minimal limit at which I can conclude the insurance contract?

The minimal insurance limit is 1 000, while the maximal is a subject of negotiation.

In which countries is the insurance valid?

The insurance covers accidents that have occurred within the Bulgarian territory.

I am a beneficiary of the insurance Accident and at the moment I suffer from a flu infection. Can I take advantage of the insurance coverage?

The present insurance does not cover acute sickness what is the flu infection.

*Аcute is sickness characterized with a sudden and sharp beginning and progressive character that demand urgent examination and remedy and directly endangers the life of the insured person.

I have an insurance `Sport Accident` and at the moment I have an injury, occurred in the course of training. I need to be examined.  Is my medical examination covered by my insurance?

Yes, except for injury occurred in the course of competitions, such occurred at training are also covered.

I have an insurance Work Accident by an employer. Going to work, when getting on the bus I twisted my ankle, I went to the doctor and he provide me with a document.  I noticed that the accident is qualified as a domestic accident. Can I take advantage from an indemnity?

No, because the accident shall be qualified as a work one


Does the “Sickness” Insurance replace the mandatory health insurance?

No, the existence of valid and continued mandatory health insurance is a precondition to take out Sickness Insurance

Does my “Sickness” Insurance cover other family members?

No, the “Sickness” Insurance is personal.

I was recently diagnosed with a disease, which requires a number of clinical and laboratory checks and a number of consultations. Can I apply for “Sickness” insurance coverage in this case?

No. You need to be clinically healthy to apply for “Sickness” insurance coverage.

Can I apply for “Sickness” insurance coverage if I have a pre-existing cancer?


I have a valid “Sickness” insurance. Can I buy the prescribed drugs from the pharmacy without paying for them?

No, the coverage for drugs-expenses is carried out on the principle of reimbursement of the costs after the presentation of documents.

I’m pregnant and my due date is in few months. Can I apply for “Sickness” insurance coverage to cover the choice of physicians team selection, private room and everything related to the childbirth?

The insurance is taken out after you have filled out a health declaration and it has been revised by the Insurer. Depending on the physical condition of the insurance candidate it is possible to conclude insurance under high risk conditions.

Can I apply for reimbursement for drugs-expenses provided that I have bought them the day before the start of the insurance coverage?

No insurance coverage shall take effect on the day specified in the policy and does not include events that occurred before this day.


What risks are insured by the Crop Insurance?

The risks insured by the Crop Insurance are: hail, storm, fire, rain, flood, frost, frost, drawing, slush and suffocation.

Are the insured areas viewed for concluding the Insurance?

The preliminary view of the insured areas is obligatory and must be performed by an expert in the presence of the Insurer and the Insured.

What must be submitted to the Insurer at the conclusion of crop insurance?

Upon conclusion of the Crop Insurance a detailed list of the planted areas is needed by location, villages and cadastral numbers.

How is the insurance limit calculated?

The insurance limit is determined within the maximum sum insured per hectare as defined in the tariffs of the Insurer.