Travel Assistance Insurance

Travel Assistance Insurance is medical insurance and assistance, designated for natural persons, organized tourist groups or persons, who have engangements abroad and travel often. The insurance provides coverage in case of accident (from purely medical nature and from general nature such as loss of luggage, emergency cash transfer, etc.) and / or acute sickness during the Insured person’s travel and accommodation abroad.

For whom is designated this insurance?

  • For Bulgarian and foreign citizens traveling outside the boarders of Republic of Bulgaria;
  • For foreign citizens outside the boarders of the countries, which citizens are:
  • Natural persons between the ages of 1 and 75 years. For persons over the age of 65 a health declaration must be completed.Persons under the age of 14 are not insured for the risk “death due to accident”.

Where is this insurance valid?

  1. Insurance for single trips with validity from 1 day to 365 days.
    • The insurance is concluded with territorial validity for the whole world, except for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
    • In exceptional cases, the insurance may be concluded with territorial validity for the geographical boarders of Europe.
  2. Multitrip Insurance under its own conditions. Under these conditions, the Insured person can travel multiple times outside the boarders of the Republic of Bulgaria. The maximum period for which the insurance contract can be concluded is 365 days and the minimum – 30 days. The period of stay abroad can be 30, 60 or 90 days, before each trip, the Insured person must inform the Insuring person.

What are the covered risks?

The Insured person covers the risk for insurance events, unfavorable for the Insuring person, grouped in 3 levels of insurance coverage, as follows:

  • General Coverage – First level of insurance coverage
  • Additional Coverage – Second level of insurance coverage
  • Extended Coverage – Third level of insurance coverage

For more information on the different levels of insurance coverage, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Travel Assistance Insurance.

What are the financial terms?

  • Limits of liability and the insurance amount are negotiated between the Insuring person and the Insured person and are determined in EURO (EUR);
  • If the parties to the contract agree, the limits of liability and the insurance amount can be increased during the term of the insurance;
  • The insurance premium is negotiated according to the Insuring person’s tariff. The insurance premium is paid in BGN, the whole sum is to be paid at the conclusion of the insurance.

What is the indemnity?

The indemnity cannot exceed the agreed insurance amount and limit of the separate risks.

How quickly is the indemnity paid?

The insurance compensation shall be paid within fifteen (15) days after the date of submission of the last of all documents required by the Insuring person in BGN.

What are our advantages?

  • Wide range of insurance coverage, flexible rates and modern approach in offering;
  • This insurance is not offered with an excess (eg. Upon the occurrence of an insurance event you would to have to pay an amounts up to a certain limit, and upon reaching this limit the Insuring person takes part.);
  • Group discount;
  • This insurance also offers “Trip cancellation” which allows you to plan your trips months in advance, without having to worry that in case something unexpected happens you will lose money, airline tickets, reservations, and tourist packages;
  • 24-hour service by both our own call center and from Assisting company with offices all over the world.