Sickness Insurance is designed for natural entities and covers risks in case of sickness, resulting in damages health, leading to the provision of regulated health care. The insurance can be concluded as individual, group, paid for by the employer, and family insurance.

Where is this insurance valid?

The territorial coverage of Sickness Insurance is on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It can be extended overseas, in agreement with the Insuring person.

What are the financial terms?

The insurance amount is the amount for which the contract was concluded. This is the upper limit on the liability of the Insuring person. The amount of the insurance premium depends on the rates of the company, the limit of liability of the Insuring person and the manner of its payment. Annual insurance premium is payable upon conclusion of the contract. In some cases the amount can be scheduled in deferred payments, as their terms are subject to agreement with the Insuring person.

What is the indemnity?

The Insuring person pays the amounts identified in the insurance contract within the limit of liability, specified in the insurance contract, for insurance events occurred during the term of the insurance contract, for which reasonable costs were made.

The total amount of all payments to one Insured person shall not exceed the insurance amount.

How quickly is the indemnity paid?

The Insuring person shall pay indemnity under this insurance within 15 days after the receipt of all necessary documents proving the claim on grounds and size. For additionally requested documents, the term begins on the date when the last document was presented.

What documents do I need to provide in order to receive indemnity?

In case the treatment costs are paid by the Insured person, he shall fill “Claim” model given by the Insuring person, provide medical and financial supporting documents, proving the type and amount of the incurred costs, detailed in the General Conditions of Sickness Insurance and the Internal Rules of Procedure for the settlement of claims under insurance contracts of Insurance Company Dallbogg Life and Health Inc.