Home Contents

Home Contents Insurance is a specially developed insurance, aiming to provide insurance coverage to the property of legal and natural persons, residential, villa and agricultural buildings, to improvements made to them, to general furniture, personal and other belongings, household appliances, audio-visual and electronic equipment; agricultural property: agricultural machinery, construction machinery, tools, equipment, etc.

Why should I buy an Insurance?

  • To compensate for possible losses: If as a result of an insurance event your home or your belongings become damaged, WE will pay you compensation, which will cover your costs for repair and restoration of the property to its former condition (before the occurrence of the insured event).
  • To not become homeless: If as a result of an insurance event your home becomes uninhabitable, WE will pay you compensation amounting to the damage at the moment of occurrence of the insurance event, which usually equals to the real value of your property.

Where is this insurance valid?

Home Contents Insurance has coverage on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, as the insurance coverage is provided only for properties located at the address specified in the policy.

What are the financial terms?

The insurance amount is the amount under which a given property or group of properties is insured. The insurance premium is determined based on the Insuring person’s rates, depending on the nature and extent of the risk, the nature of the insured property, the insurance amount and the presence of deductibles. The insurance premium is paid once or in deferred payments. The Insurance amount of the immovable property is determined on the basis of its actual value.

What is the indemnity?

The Insuring person indemnifies the Insured person for actual damages, within the limit stated in the insurance contract. The amount of indemnifications for all insurance events during the term of the contract may not exceed the insurance amount of the property. It should be equal to the amount of the damages at the date of the occurrence of the insurance event.

How quickly is the indemnity paid?

The Insured person pays the indemnity for this insurance in 15-day term after the full completion of the case damage with all required documents, including the additionally requested ones by the Insuring person.

What documents do I need to provide in order to receive indemnity?

To file a claim for payment of insurance indemnity, the Insured person must provide supporting documents, proving the type and amount of the incurred costs, detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Home Contents Insurance.