Agricultural Crops

What kind of insurance is this?

Agricultural Crops Insurance is modern and safe solution against loss of crops, perennials and their harvest, caused by natural disasters and other injuries. Plant production, more than all other branches of agricultural production is exposed and influenced by weather conditions. The period of production of agricultural crops is relatively long, which increases the risk of damage.

DallBogg offers you to think about this earlier. We will insure your future harvest against torrential rain, storm, flood, fire, frost, freezing etc. By choosing us, you gain a reliable partner who will collaborate with you on favorable terms.

The most important thing for us is the reputation we have built, this is why we offer our customers quality and reliable services. After conducting Agricultural Crops Insurance, in case of occurrence of insurance event you will receive full compensation – this is why clients choose us.

Where is this insurance valid?

The territorial coverage of Agricultural Crops Insurance is on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

What are the financial conditions?

The insurance amount for different types of crops is negotiated according to the Table for minimum and maximum insurance amounts of DallBogg and according to the production capacity of the region. The insurance amount per decare shall not exceed the actual value of the harvest.

The insurance premium is determined by the Insuring person’s Tariff depending on the type of agricultural crop, the agreed insurance amount, the risk class for the region where the crop is situated and the selected risk coverage. The insurance premium due is paid once at the time when the insurance is conducted insurance or deferred for two or three installments, the first installment is no less than 30%.

What is the indemnity?

Upon the occurrence of an insurance event and received a written notice, the Insuring person shall draw up a committee with the participation of a representative of the Insuring person, an expert agronomist and the Insured person or his representative, which shall examine the insured crops and shall conduct damage assessment.

How quickly is the indemnity paid?

The deadline for payment of the insurance indemnity is 15 days and begins after the Insured person has submitted all written documents and reports required by the Insuring person necessary for establishing the damages on grounds and amount, including Declaration by the Insured person that the harvest of the insured crop is collected.

What kind of documents do I need to provide in order to receive indemnity?

Upon the occurrence of an insurance event, the Insured person is obliged notify in writing the Insuring person in 5-day term of learning about it.

To file a claim for payment of insurance indemnity, the Insured person must provide supporting documents, proving the type and amount of the incurred costs, detailed in the General Terms and Conditions of Agricultural Crops Insurance.